3 Reasons Why You Might Need to Cut Down an Oak Tree

Oak tree are majestic in maturity, and was even names America’s National Tree in 2004. They commonly outlive people, capable of thriving on family farms and properties for generations. They are a staple in our landscaping, and stand as a symbol to our country’s history and family roots. They come in hundreds of different species, all of which possess their own unique characteristics and attributes. They grow very tall, and very dense, making them sturdy and strong through even the most inclement of times. But sometimes these beloved trees must come down, whether for safety or for expansion, oak tree removal is sometimes necessary. Continue reading to learn the three scenarios that would cause an oak tree to be cut down.

Oak Tree Removal

A mentioned, oak trees grow tall, dense, and strong. This means they are among the most difficult trees to remove in Indiana. It requires the professional training, skills, and equipment of a licensed arborist that provides tree removal services. Due to the hazards involved, and the potential dangers, it is strongly encouraged to never attempt oak tree removal on your own, without the assistance of a trained professional. Of course, if the tree is small or new, then you can probably manage, but full grown trees are a whole other level of work. You may need to remove an oak tree in three cases:

Lot Clearing & Landscape Expansion

If you are building a new property or commercial complex on an area of land that has an oak tree in the way, you might need to remove it for construction purposes. Similarly, if a home or property owner wishes to expand, either adding an addition to their home, installing an underground swimming pool, or renovating the landscape, they may need to remove an oak tree to make room.

Safety Hazards

If an oak tree’s condition or location happens to be a possible safety threat to people or property, it must come down. Due to the sheer size of a common oak, the potential damage it could do could be devastating. If it were to fall over, lose a large branch, or complicate utility lines, the effects could be highly dangerous and damaging. Vital roadways can get blocked, fires could start, property could be crushed, or worse, people could be hurt. If an oak tree is in a position to cause this kind of potential damage, it needs to come down immediately.


The last reason why an oak tree should be, or would be, removed is due to disease or infestation. Trees are vulnerable to all kinds of diseases and pest infestations, all of which can kill or cause extensive damage to trees. Once a tree is diseased past the point of no return, it will start to decay, from the outside in. This renders the tree highly unstable and can fall or break at any time. For this reason, diseased or dying oak trees must be removed before it can cause an accident.

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Tree Removal Tips for Small Trees

If you have a small tree in your yard that you wish to remove, you can accomplish this task all on your own if you are well-prepared and properly equipped. It’s not a complex or complicated project, but it is generally very time-consuming and requires some good old-fashioned manual labor. Continue reading to learn the easiest and most reliable way to remove a small tree, as well as, who to call for professional tree removal services in your neighborhood.

Removing Small Trees

Again, removing small trees is not a difficult or challenging job, but it is a demanding one. You can certainly expect to spend most of your time and effort digging up all the tree roots. Choose a day when the temperature is not too high and drink plenty of water, so to prevent heat-related illnesses like dehydration. You might have an easier time choosing a day that follows a few rainy days. This way, the ground is softer and easier to penetrate. Your back will be thanking you for this later! Also, be sure to gather all the necessary tools and equipment needed to make the job possible, as well as, a bit easier. This includes a sharp spade, large metal shovel, gloves, plastic tarp (or burlap), protective eye goggles, tree twine, hose and water hookup (in case the ground is too dry and solid), and a hand saw. Not all of these item are mandatory, but they do make the digging and handling process easier.

Here’s How to Remove a Small Tree:

1. If there have been no rainy days, wet the ground using a hose to soften the soil. Do this one day in advance, as well as, the same day of the project.

2. Assess the diameter of the tree’s root ball in order to dig a wide enough circumference around the tree for easier removal. Do this by measuring the diameter of the tree trunk, and then multiplying that number by a number between 9 and 12, depending on the age of the tree. Use a higher number for older trees. So if the trunk was 3 inches in diameter, dig a circumference that is at least 27 to 36 inches wide. For an idea of proper depth, multiply the tree trunk diameter by 6. In this case, you would need to dig 18 inches into the ground to be able to pull out the tree and root ball.

3. Use tree twine to tie up and hold back the lower sections of branches so they are not in your way when you are digging up tree.

4. Use the spade to cut into the ground along the circumference you measured earlier. Simply place the sharp thin side of the blade directly on top of the soil, then use your foot and body weight to press it into the ground. You don’t have to remove any soil yet, you just need to create the divisions in the soil.

5. Use either the spade or shovel and dig out the excess soil to expose the root ball. And then remove all the excess soil surrounding the root ball to expose the tree roots.

6. Using the spade again, push the blade securely into the ground beneath the root ball, push in with your foot, tilt the shovel, and lift the root ball from the soil. This will almost look like a teeter-totter motion.

7. Now use the spade to cut through small tree roots, and a handsaw for larger roots.

8. Remove the tree from the hole and place onto the tarp or burlap, and drag it to an appropriate disposal site!

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Methods for Oak Tree Removal

Oak trees are ineffably beautiful assets, and a natural part of our Eco-system. They retain wonderful qualities and provide us with infinite benefits and advantages. They are very strong, sturdy trees whose bark and hardwood are frequently sough-after materials. We use oak for a wide variety of reasons, and within several worldwide industries; such as furniture, construction, art, and more.

Although oak trees are fantastic components to our surrounding nature, they can sometimes need removed. Large tree removal jobs should always be left in the hands of a professional who retains proper equipment and industry training. The larger the tree, the more dangerous the job. When it comes to oak tree removal, there are a few different methods used by licensed Noblesville Tree Removal technicians. Continue reading to learn more about oak tree removal and the typical methods used to take them down.

Traditional Oak Tree Removal

The most common form of oak tree removal is a very traditional approach. In this method, professionals use their advanced equipment to climb a tree, removing each limb one by one, as they pass them. Once the limbs are removed, the tree tech can then apply a “felling” cut that makes the top trunk of the tree fall to the ground. When the top of the tree is removed, the tree technicians can begin to cut the rest of the trunk down, chunk by chunk, until they have a stump leftover. At this point, standard stump removal methods are applied. These methods differ depending on the type of stump and the condition it is in.

Tree Felling

As mentioned above, tree contractors will apply a “felling” cut to encourage the top trunk to fall off in a safe manner. Tree felling is another method that professionals use to take large oak trees down. Rather than cutting at the top and making their way down a tree, tree felling simply involves cutting a tree all the way through at the base, so that it falls over to the ground. It is the easiest and least expensive way to cut down a tree. For extremely large trees, this method is not often used for safety concerns and reasons.

Tree Rigging and Removal

Spar pole rigging and whole tree rigging are common tree removal methods implemented by licensed professionals. This is an approach that involves ropes and rigging points. Basically, every part of an oak tree has to be attached to a rope, and then lowered from an overhead rigging point. Slide lining, speed lining, lifting and lowering, and more are all professional techniques tree contractors will use to remove large oaks.

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How to Remove an Oak Tree

A fully grown oak tree is certainly a sight to admire. They are beautiful and magnificent parts of nature and deserve the admiration the get, season to season. Oak trees, although wonderful, can sometimes require removal for a number of reasons. In the case that a large oak tree has died or has a disease, it would need to be removed as soon as possible to avoid injury or structural damage to a property. An oak tree can weight hundreds of pounds, even thousands; so if one falls from structural weakness or decay, it can be very dangerous to its surroundings.

In other cases, an oak tree may need to be removed and transplanted in another area for new construction or plumbing. In any case, oak tree removal for live and dead trees is a comprehensive and delicate procedure that should always be facilitated by a licensed tree care professional. If you think you have an oak tree that needs removed, continue reading to learn what to expect and who to call for service you can trust.

Oak Tree Removal

There are several other reasons why an oak tree would need to be removed on residential or commercial landscapes; however, the most important fact to keep in mind is safety when removing large tree such as an oak. Oak is strong and heavy, and can crush anything beneath it from as little as a ten foot fall. This is why professional tree service is crucial when it comes to oak tree removal. A professional tree service company retains the proper equipment, tools, machinery, and most importantly, the training and experience, to remove all types of trees in a variety of locations and circumstances. They are the ones that can effectively remove an oak tree without jeopardizing the safety of a home, property, or people. They also retain the proper licensing to remove trees of this size and quantity.

Oak trees are fantastic features of any landscape, but if you find yourself in a situation that requires your trees to be taken down or relocated, call a professional and licensed tree care company. You can find a local tree service that provides all the right amenities for your tree removal job. Reputable companies offer free consultations, estimates, references, log removal, emergency services, routine service, and more. Be sure to do your research and find a tree removal company that fits your specific tree care needs.

Noblesville Tree Service

If you have questions about Noblesville tree service or oak tree removal, call 317-537-9770 right away. Tree Service Noblesville Indiana.com is happy to answer your tree care questions any time. Our highly trained and qualified tree removal and service technicians have more than 20 years of experience in the tree service industry. We have successfully removed and relocated thousands of full-grown oak trees all across Indiana. Visit our website at https://www.treeservicenoblesville.com for details about our services and company background. Call 317-537-9770 today for a free estimate regarding oak tree removal services and more in Noblesville, IN and its surrounding counties.