FAQS About Oak Tree Care

Oak trees are an impressive, magnificent, and ancient species that remain a universally-admired part of nature all across the world. If you have oak trees in your yard, it is no surprise that you are looking for information about how to care for them. It is a wise choice to invest in your landscaping trees since they serve so many valuable purposes. Continue reading to learn some answers to some frequently asked questions about caring for oak trees.

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Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

How Often Should I Trim and Prune My Oak Tree?

This answer can vary depending on the unique circumstances of a tree and its surroundings. However, the general rule of thumb practiced in the industry is that no more than 1/3rd of a tree’s foliage should be removed within one year’s time. Common reasons to trim trees include supporting healthy growth, eliminate obstructions, ornamental aesthetics, and more.

Will Oak Worms Kill My Tree?

Oak Worm and moth infestations generally occur on a 7 year cycle, and peak activity can last anywhere from one to two years. However, these cycles are depend on the weather. For trees that have existing health conditions, and oak worm infestation can be fatal. Trees that are in healthy condition may lose leaves from an infestation of this kind, but they are not likely to die.

Should I Have My Oak Tree Sprayed?

Tree spraying and integrated pest management services are available, but they are not always necessary. Talk to your Noblesville tree service specialist about your tree spraying and pest control needs. It can be risky since surrounding wildlife often feed on the larva and moths, and can be harmed by ingesting insects infected with chemical pesticides.

Should I Plant Landscaping Around My Oak Tree?

Mulching is an important part of tree care since it helps to retain moisture during dry seasons and much more. As for additional landscaping, it is best to just stick with mulch and skip all the other plants and flowers. If you really want to plant something beneath your oak tree, professionals recommend drought-resistant plants, but do not plant them too close to the base of the trunk. You can also try paving stones and other permeable hardscapes, potted plants, benches, chairs, signs, and more.

How Often Should I Water My Tree?

For Oak trees, it is best to not water them between May and October. Although this seems odd, the truth is that oak trees do not require a lot of water during drier seasons. In fact, too much water during these times can harm an oak tree and cause fatal ailments, such as Oak Root fungus. Instead, begin your watering cycles in the fall, before you have them pruned for the season. Learn more about watering trees, here.

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