Treatments for Common Tree Diseases

Several natural threats live in the environment and can affect the well-being of our beloved trees. There are methods to treat most of these diseases, but unfortunately, not all can be saved. This is why it is important to detect and treat tree diseases as soon as you are aware there is a problem. Continue reading to learn about some prevalent diseases that jeopardize the health of trees and other flora; as well as, how they are commonly treated as a result.

Heart Rot Tree Disease

This disease mostly attacks hardwood trees; such as Walnut Trees, Maple Trees, Oak Trees, Elm and Birch Trees, as well as, various other types of deciduous trees. Heart Rot is a threat to hardwood trees and the surrounding environment. It is not a disease to ignore on your property. It begins with evidence of fungus growth or mushroom caps protruding from the trunk. Then it begins to rot the tree trunk from the inside out; weakening its stability more and more. The entire structure is jeopardized, along with the branches and limbs too. This can create a severe threat if it falls. A large hardwood tree can easily crush anything beneath it; such as cars, houses, garages, porches, and hopefully never: people. This is why it is so important to address a Heart Rot outbreak as soon as possible.

A professional tree technician is the person to call for help with a Heart Rot condition. The only way to treat this disease is to determine the degree of damage and prune the branches to promote new healthy growth. If the tree is too far gone, then it will need removed instead. This is why it is vital to hire a professional tree care company. These companies retain the proper equipment, tools, and training to adequately treat trees and ensure safety within the property.

Oak Wilt

Another disease that can affect hardwood trees, particularly Oaks, is Oak Wilt. Oak Wilt is much more deadly than Heart Rot. An Oak Tree becomes infected by a host; either an insect or by root graphs. It only takes six months for the disease to take full effect, wilt the leaves, and kill a tree. A professional is required for this job as well; because it is such a deadly disease that can easily spread. It is important to quickly control the spread of the infected spores and pre-treat non-infected trees before they are exposed. Oak Wilt is not curable, but it is preventable! Professional tree care companies will use their technologies to seal tree wounds and other vulnerable areas to prevent infection from reoccurring.

Tree Disease Control in Noblesville, Indiana

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Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning

You may be surprised to learn that spring and summer are not the only times to pay close attention to your lawns, gardens, and trees on your property. Year-round lawn care is crucial in order to maintain a beautiful, healthy, and luscious landscape. If you have high hopes for your property’s trees this spring and summer, be sure to keep up with routine tree care this winter to achieve the results you want. Continue reading to learn how winter tree pruning and care can help you achieve the magnificent and bountiful trees you desire come springtime next year.

Why is Winter Tree Pruning Helpful?

One of the reasons winter tree pruning gives property owners an advantage is that trees are dormant this time of year. This means that there is absolutely no active growth within the trees and their root systems. This is often referred to as “dormancy”. It is a natural instinct for trees to protect themselves from the adverse conditions winter can bring, like inadequate precipitation, cold temperatures, snow, ice, and more.

It is helpful to prune trees in this dormant stage because the pruned areas recuperate faster. The pruning puts them in a healthy state before new branch and leaf growth in the spring and summer. Also, in the winter, it is less likely for a tree to be over-pruned and wilt due to the superfluous loss of water. Trees require less water when dormant, subsequently reducing the chances of damages and harm.

Advantages of Winter Tree Pruning

The advantages of winter tree pruning will certainly be evident come springtime. The leaves and flora that trees produce will be brighter and more abundant than ever. Fruits are more plentiful, healthier, and better-tasting; and leaves, flowers, and other flora are noticeably vibrant and colorful than the season before. Healthier trees last much longer and are less likely to pose problems in the future. Dead, diseased, or weakened trees can be dangerous. Frigid winter weather and seasonal storms can jeopardize a tree’s stability; resulting in fallen trees, property damages, and more. If you have large trees on your property, winter tree pruning and year-round tree care is vital in order to keep trees in a healthy state and prevent accidents.

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