How to Care for a Mature Tree

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Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

As a property owner, it is important to learn the process of mature tree care. Older trees begin to weaken, making them more vulnerable to weather damage, limb loss, and disease. They require a certain degree of year-round maintenance in order to eliminate safety hazards and prevent losing a tree to death or decay. Mature trees are generally larger, heavier, and taller, so if they are under distress, they can pose serious dangers if they were to fall down.

Not only are vehicles and structures at risk of being squashed by a large tree, so are people. Routine tree care can reduce the chances of your mature trees from falling ill or imposing harm in any way. Continue reading to learn what it takes to properly care for older, mature trees on your property.

Tree Maintenance

Maintenance for mature trees primarily includes routine inspections, pruning, mulching, soil management, fertilizing, and tree removal. But depending on the individual circumstance and condition of a tree, the extent of maintenance will vary. Safety and security are the major reasons why mature tree care is important and quite necessary. However, another impactful factor involves investment. Tree are valuable investments because they increase property value with age. They provide shade, privacy, and beauty to a property, making it more valuable in terms of re-sell. For all these reasons, it is critical to care for mature trees the right way.

Inspections – Inspections on mature trees should be carried out on a routine basis. This is a critical part to the tree care process because it is how small problems are caught early on, and treated more successfully. If a pest infestation or tree disease goes unnoticed, it can quickly damage a tree beyond repair. Inspections catch problems early on so larger problems, hazards, and consequences can be avoided.

Mulching and Fertilizing – Soil management and routine seasonal mulching are critical components to a tree care program for old trees. Mulching protects tree roots with moderating temperatures and moisture in the soil beneath. It also reduces other environmental stressors, like weeds, pests, and wildlife. Fertilizing is equally important to mulching in that it also protects the tree by providing the proper amount of nutrients it needs to thrive. Fertilizers make up for any deficiencies the tree may have as a result of the surrounding soil. Be sure to water your mature tree every other day during periods of no precipitation in spring and summer.

Pruning – Sometimes, as trees age, their limbs and foliage become overgrown. Pruning is the perfect solution to manage tree overgrowth. Trimming back branches and limbs can better protect your home’s exterior from structural damages, and also eliminate obstructed landscaping views. Also, overgrown limbs and branches attract more nuisance wildlife, which can cause several problems for homes and properties.

Tree Removal – In the case that a tree is too old and has become too risky to keep around, you will need to have it removed. Safety comes first, so if a tree is no longer viable, it is vital to have it promptly removed by a professional service. Dead or dying trees should be removed immediately, and in some cases, diseased trees need to be removed as well.

Noblesville Tree Service

Tree Service Noblesville 317-537-9770

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

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