How to Care for Young or Newly Planted Trees in the Winter

Home and property owners strive to protect their landscaping during the winter season, year after year; especially young trees or trees that have just been planted. This is because trees and landscaping play an important role in our surrounding landscape and environment. Winter brings with it, harsh winds, freezing temperatures, excessive snow, and more. Although natural, these elements and conditions are hazardous threats to residential and commercial landscapes. We ask ourselves, season after season, how we can better protect our landscaping trees from harsh weather and snow; but continue to struggle. Until now! Continue reading to learn some helpful tips and tricks to care for young or newly-planted trees during the winter season.

Protecting Vulnerable Trees from Cold Weather Conditions

Newly planted trees, young trees, transplanted trees, and treated trees are virtually defenseless against winter winds and freezing temperatures. They definitely require some special attention and extra effort to prevent them from becoming damaged throughout the season. Fortunately, there are easy and effective ways to protect our young or vulnerable trees from harsh winter weather conditions. We can keep our trees healthy and make them viable long after the winter season is through. Here are a few simple and common tips and tricks to protect such trees in the winter months:

• Mulch
• Plastic Tree Guards
• Trunk Wrapping
• Branch Wrapping
• Staking
• Soil Insulation
• Avoid Exposure to Driveway or Road Salt
• Animal Control
• Professional Tree Service
• And More

Mulch can provide a barrier against harsh winds and freezing temperatures by trapping heat within the base of a tree and within the soil. It is an easy an inexpensive way to provide protection against frost or other freezing outdoor elements. It acts as an insulator, allowing the tree to retain heat and keep the roots healthy until spring. Applying plastic tree guards or plastic trunk wraps in the early to mid-fall season can protect tree bark from a long list of elements and conditions, come winter time. Sun scalding, bark peeling, trunk cracks, fissures, and more can arise from moderate to severe winter weather. Using a plastic wrap or tarp to cover the exposed tree bark can reduce the chances of these damages from occurring.

Many landscaping and tree care companies recommend using Burlap to wrap tree branches before winter begins. This helps a young or vulnerable tree to sustain the extra weight of snow or ice, without the branches breaking. Proper animal control can prevent tree damage in the winter as well. Once the temperatures begin to drop, wild animals rely on trees for shelter. This can cause extensive damages to landscaping and trees. It is always recommended to call a professional tree care company for advice or winter tree services. They retain the proper equipment, tools, and training to safely and effectively treat or protect trees during the winter.

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Strategically Placed Landscaping Trees Can Reduce Noise

Did you know that planting trees in a strategic method can reduce and even eliminate noise outside your home or property? Well you can! Certain trees and particular methods of landscaping and tree care can effectively reduce noises coming from the outer parts of a residential or commercial property. There are several ways a person or property owner can achieve this type of solitude and unobtrusiveness. To find out for yourself, continue reading and learn how strategically placed landscaping and trees can reduce external noise from outside a home or property.

Achieve Noise Reduction Using Trees and Landscaping Techniques

Trees add a certain degree of beauty and value to any property. They are wonderful assets to any lawn or garden, and provide a long list of rewards and benefits. They commonly take the place of fences; providing an environmentally friendly alternative to creating a property line. But aside from property lines, trees and landscaping can provide a quitter and noise-free atmosphere. Not only are trees natural choices for property enhancement, they now offer noise reduction by acting as a buffer. Choosing the right trees and implementing a strategic approach, you can achieve a beautiful design and relaxing landscape all at once.

To create an appropriate buffer for your landscape, it is crucial to use the proper species of tree. Evergreens and other non-deciduous trees are perfect candidates for privacy and noise prevention. This is because they retain their leaves all year-round; offering full foliage for continuous privacy, as well as, an effective noise buffer. Once you have chosen the right trees for the job, you will need to learn the correct approach to the landscaping and placement of the trees.

Trees must be placed and transplanted as close to the noise source as possible. This way, the noise is interrupted far before it can even reach your property. A 20 to 50 foot buffer is usually recommended for homes and properties near noise streets, traffic stops, production plants, and other noisy areas. With appropriate placement and setback, noise can be reduced by nearly fifty percent in most commercial and residential cases.

It is fantastic that trees can offer such solitude and peace, but it is crucial to consult a professional tree care company for guidelines, advice, and information before attempting a tree planting and tree transplanting project. They retain proper equipment, tools, and training to adequately place trees to strategically reduce noise pollution, as well as, add aesthetic value and beauty to your landscaping. Contact a professional within your town or county for proper service and advice for tree care and placement.

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