Replanting Uprooted Trees

Many circumstances can cause trees to uproot. The most common reasons for an uprooted tree is harsh weather and construction. The major problem with uprooted trees is that the occurrence results in significant damage to a tree’s root system. The root system is by far, the most precious and vulnerable part of a tree. A tree cannot survive, especially in winter, if the root system is not healthy and functioning. Once a tree is uprooted as a result of natural or incidental circumstances, the root system is ripped out of the ground and exposed to the surrounding elements. If a tree were to be strategically dig up and transplanted, then there is a much greater chance of survival for the tree. However, in the case of natural causes, the roots are abruptly torn from the ground, which most often results in damaged or tattered roots, as well as, the trunk and the crown. This makes replanting more uncertain and difficult. But the questions remains, “can an uprooted tree be successfully replanted?” Continue reading to learn the answer, as well as, where to start if your property needs an uprooted tree replanted or removed.

Tree Transplanting

The short answer to the pending question is yes, but not always. In most cases, an uprooted tree has a low chance of survival if replanted. However, with the help of a professional Noblesville Tree Service, uprooted trees have a much higher chance at survival once transplanted. Tree transplanting refers to intentionally uprooting a tree and replanting it elsewhere. This is often done for businesses and homes that are moving to new locations, landscaping reconstruction, and more. The problem with replanting a tree that’s been uprooted, either intentionally or not, is something called transplant shock. Many plants and trees experience transplant shock in the early stages of being replanted. To avoid this, post-planting care is vital. Again, a trained arborist retains the knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction when it comes to post-tree care and tree transplanting.

Larger trees that have been uprooted have a smaller survival rate than medium-sized or small trees. The reason for this is that large trees are typically older trees, which means their root systems have had ample time to grow wide and spread far apart beneath the ground below its trunk base, making them quite extensive. One of the main purposes of a tree’s root system is to draw water and nutrients from the soil, but what many do not realize is, a tree’s root system also plays a role in support. This is truer for larger trees. Their roots double as an anchor, keeping the tree stable and in the ground.

Since larger trees are of course heavier, once they have been torn from their root system, the leftover roots are usually not strong or sufficient enough to anchor the tree into the ground once replanted. Also, larger trees take a harder hit when they fall to the ground. This often results in tree bark damage, limb loss, and broken branches. These wounds are open, exposing trees to insect infestation, loss of moisture, and infection. If a large tree uproots on your property, it is in your best interest to have it removed rather than replanted. Contact a local tree service company for prompt and professional tree removal.

For small or medium trees that have been uprooted, there is a good chance they can be replanted and stay alive. Usually when they fall, their root balls and roots are still mostly intact; and they do not weight too much to remain anchored into the ground. The most important part of replanting a tree is post-care. It is imperative to care for a newly transplanted tree in order to sustain its health and support its growth. A qualified arborist will be glad to offer this kind of information and tips about caring for newly transplanted trees. Just be sure to follow their instructions for optimal results.

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