How to Remove Moss on Trees

Moss is pretty and can add a certain element of antiquity to homes, buildings, statues, and more. But many homeowners are not happy with moss growing on their beloved landscaping trees. After all, moss can be problematic for trees and other flora. Continue reading to learn more about the effects of moss growth and how to stop it from happening to your trees.

Moss Removal

Moss can put too much weight on old or weak trees, damaging them overtime; while moss on healthy trees wont necessarily damage the tree, but it will attract a lot of unwanted nuisance wildlife that can. One of the best tools for removing moss from trees is a quality power washer. This piece of equipment, plus a little manual labor, is the best method for fast and effective moss removal.

Start by using your fingers to hand-pick moss patches off of the trees. In fact, if the moss growth is minimal, you shouldn’t require a power washer at all. Simply use your hands to remove moss manually. This may take longer, but it is much less disruptive to trees compared to power washers. For larger surface areas, a power washer is the more efficient choice. Be sure to use it on a moderate to low setting to avoid damaging any part of the tree. The best time of year to power wash a tree is during their winter dormancy.

Moss Prevention

The best way to combat moss growth on your trees is to implement effective strategies to prevent moss growth from occurring in the first place. There are several ways to achieve this, all of which require attentiveness and dedication to tree care. Here are some tips to prevent moss from growing on your landscaping trees:

• Water Shady Properties Less Frequently

• Water the Lawn Less Often But in Higher Amounts

• Do Not Allow Tree Trunks to Get Wet

• Treat Soil for Over-Acidity or Unbalanced PH Levels

• Aerate the Lawn to Improve Drainage

• Add Organic Soil to the Lawn’s Top Soil

• Thin Out Tree Branches to Increase Sunlight Exposure

• Outsource Professional Routine Tree Care Services

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Do I Need to Water My Trees?

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Newly planted or growing trees, usually in the first two or three years, do require consistent irrigating. There are a few things to know about watering trees in order to achieve the highest level of care. Trees can be over-watered, under-watered, and watered improperly. If you love your landscaping trees, take a moment to review a few facts and tips about watering trees and be better informed about proper tree care methods. Learn how to protect your trees from seasonal drought, root rot, weeds, and more.

Too Much Water

If trees are watered too much, its soil becomes over-saturated and the roots suffocate and die. And stagnant wet soil attracts unwanted root rot organisms that can also kill trees. Certain tree species can handle wet soil conditions (River Birch, Cypress, Sycamore, Etc.), but most cannot. You want to water enough to moisten the soil, but not overly-saturate it. Signs that your tree is being over-watered include yellow leaves, brittle leaves, visible fungus or algae growth on the soil beneath the tree, black tree roots (root rot), and more.

Not Enough Water

Trees need water for sustenance and growth, and even more-so during drought seasons or periods with extended lack of precipitation. Without water, trees cannot survive. It is that simple. It is important to find a happy-medium between too much and not enough water when it comes to your trees. During growing season, trees should be watered once a week, more or less depending on the amount of rain at the time. You want to water them, allow the water to soak in, and wait a few days before re-watering. If the soil around the tree is still moist one inch in, it does not need to be watered just yet. If it is dry 1 inch into the soil, it is ready for more water.

The Right Amount of Water

The trick to knowing how much water to give your tree starts with the tree trunk’s diameter. Measure this in inches, and then multiply that times five. Trees should get five gallons of water per inch of their trunk’s diameter, over an extended period of time. This is why line drips, bubbler heads, and irrigation systems come so highly recommended. You don’t want to dump 20 gallons of water at the base of a tree. That can over-saturate and harm the tree. If you only have a garden hose, simply turn the water on slow and low and then place it at the base of the tree for a few hours.

Additional Tree Watering Tips:

• Water At Night When Evaporation Levels are Lower

• Do Not Use Spray-Head Sprinklers – They are Less Efficient

• Lay Mulch at the Base of Trees to Conserve Moisture

• Combat Weeds and Other Nuisances that Compete with a Tree’s Water Source

• Control Water Run-Off by Edging the Mulch or Soil Around the Base of the Tree

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Tree Service Coupon Noblesville Indiana

Tree Service Coupon Noblesville Indiana 317-537-9770

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