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When you procure a new piece of land for your new business development, it is very unlikely that it will be perfectly cleared of obstructions. Most property within Central Indiana is full of trees, thickets, underbrush, and more. As a result, commercial lot owners are often faced with the hassle of clearing the land themselves, which can be quite the feat without the proper training and specialized equipment. If you have a commercial lot on your hands that needs to be cleared for construction, don’t take on the project yourself.

Choose our professional tree care company to help you prepare your lot for construction with our commercial lot clearing services!

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Lot Clearing Service

Commercial tree work is our specialty at Tree Service Noblesville. Our licensed tree care contractors have decades of hands-on experience performing commercial-scale tree work. Lot clearing is something that comes easy to use because we retain the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right the first time, every time. In fact, our impressive fleet of innovative machinery is what sets us apart from our competition. In addition to being fully-equipped, we are always fully-staffed, which means we can tackle any job on time, regardless of size or scope. Best of all, we are skilled, and can deliver the highest standards of excellence using our industry acumen and ambition.

We provide a long list of commercial tree services, including routine work, trimming, tree removal, pruning, transplanting, arborist work, and more. When it comes to lot clearing, we not only remove trees, we also clear all underbrush and wooded matter. We leave you with a perfectly cleared lot of grass and ground-level dirt! We also offer tree service coupons, discounts, and free advice! We are standing by to answer any questions you have about clearing a lot for your business endeavor. From 1 acre to 1000, our staffs are well-equipped and eager to get started!

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Call 317-537-9770 when you are looking for professional commercial tree work in Noblesville, Indiana. We are highly trained and experienced tree care technicians that offer a wide range of residential and commercial tree services at the most competitive prices in town. Whether you need routine tree service or large-scale lot clearing, we are the professionals to trust for outstanding results in a convenient time frame.

3 Drought-Tolerant Trees to Consider for Summer Shade

Planting a tree in a yard that has no additional shade, nor consistent access to water and moisture, might make you a little nervous. After all, trees are investments, as they increase our curb appeal, energy efficiency, and overall property value. For these reasons, it is important to really consider which tree species are the best match for your particular property condition or regional climate. Here in Indiana, we are in Hardiness Zones 5b and 6a, which means there are not a lot of trees that can withstand the constant heat and lack of precipitation we see in the summer.

To help you decide on a good tree species to plant in drought-like conditions, review these 3 popular drought-resistant trees!

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Japanese Zelkova Tree

🌳 Kentucky Coffeetree – Gymnocladus dioicus

Not only is the Kentucky Coffeetree highly resistant to dry conditions and periods of drought, it is also tolerant of pollution. These trees are commonly found in public parks and golf courses because they are strong, rugged, and can stand the heat and dry spells the summers offer. They grow best in Hardiness Zones 3 through 8, making them a perfect fit for the Hoosier state.

🌳 Japanese Zelkova – Zelkova serrata

Japanese Zelkova trees are unique in that they demonstrate an incredible show of colors from season to season. From yellow, copper, and orange blooms through spring and summer, to deep reds and purplish hues in fall, the display is quite stunning most of the year. Best of all, they are drought-resistant, and can thrive in long spells of high heat and low precipitation.

🌲 White Fir – Abies concolor

White Firs are a common conifer tree species. As a highly-adaptable and drought-resistant species, you can count on a White Fir to offer ample shade through the spring and summer, keeping the inside of your property cooler and more efficient. Best of all, the maintain their foliage, providing beauty and appeal all winter long too.

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