Why Are Trees So Important to Us?

Trees are everywhere and seem to be plentiful. So why are they so important to us? Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem and environment. They provide us with countless amenities and privileges that we need for survival. Trees clean the water, air, and soil surrounding us everywhere. They have significant impacts on our health, well-being, quality of life, and our wallets. Healthy ecosystems and healthy trees provide the foundation we need as humans for sustainable and operative living. Humans and animals alike could not thrive on this planet without the benefits we get from our bountiful trees and flora.

Trees Clean the Air

By taking in and storing the high carbon levels contributing to the Earth’s global warming problem, trees clean our air and provide relief from dangerous carbon dioxide emissions. They also sequester various other dangerous and harmful airborne emissions; such as ozone pollution, sulfuric oxides, and nitrogen gases. The only problem with this is that trees release all of the stored carbon when they die and decompose.

Trees Can Save Money

By deliberately planting deciduous trees in certain areas of a property, home and building owners can save on energy bills. Planting shade and for trees on the east, west, and south sides of a property can provide strategic shading; providing potential savings up to 30% on energy costs. Simply planting a tree to shade our air-conditioning units can save property owners up to 10% on our monthly utility bills. In the wintertime, trees tactically planted on the north side of the building or home can reduce harsh winter winds, thus saving even more on energy.

Better Water

Trees and plants neutralize and eliminate pollutants, contaminants, and impurities in our water supplies. They accomplish this through the process of bioremediation or phytoremediation. The accumulation of twigs, branches, leaves, and limbs naturally aroused biological activity and promotes new plant and tree growth. It fertilizes the ground and soil allowing for new trees to grow.

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