How to Get Rid of Dead Trees This Spring

Trees are vulnerable to health issues, just like all life on Earth. And as vulnerable living organisms, they can fall victim to a variety of compromising conditions and diseases. Unhealthy, dying, or dead trees can be hazardous to a property and its surroundings, putting both people and structure at risk. It is vital to address a dead or dying tree right away before they can cause any serious harm or damage.

Continue reading to learn how to spot a dead or dying tree, and how to get rid of one without lifting more than a finger!

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Signs of a Diseased or Dying Tree

One of the best places to begin when it comes to assessing the health and status of your mature trees is inspecting the base of the tree. Here, where to soil and root flare meet the trunk of the tree, you can check for carpenter ants, saw dust, or signs of bark damage. If you do notice ants and saw dust, then it is likely that tree has wood decay somewhere.  If you notice bark damages, you can possibly assume there is something jeopardizing the health of your tree.  Bark damages can also be an indication of tree diseases and insect infestations. These also lead to wood decay and tree rot.

If your property was recently re-graded and topsoil was poured at the base of your trees, there could be a problem down the line. If the soil covered its root flare entirely, it can cause health issues very quickly. This is because a tree’s root flare should be exposed, not covered in beds of soil. When this happens, the tree roots cannot get sufficient amounts of water and nutrients.

If you are picking up fallen branches more often than usual, you may need some tree trimming services or your tree can become a hazard very quickly. Although this is not a dying tree, it is an unhealthy situation that can cause extreme damages and harm to property and people. Also, if you notice that limbs and branches on your tree are turning gray or dim in color, it may be a sign that your tree is dying or diseased. Again, it is best for a professional arborist to assess the status of your trees.

🌿 Twig Test: To determine if a tree is dead or alive, snap off a twig and look at the inner flesh. If the flesh is dull and dry, the tree is dead.

How to Get Rid of Dead Trees in Noblesville

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3 Reasons Why You Should Remove a Tree Stump

A homeowner can easily understand why tree removal is sometimes necessary; perhaps it was dead or dying, leaning too far in one direction, obstructing power lines, or diseased. But what many homeowners do not often consider is the importance of getting rid of the stumps that are left behind. Although there are some cases in which tree stumps are perfect additions to a landscape, such as seating for a campfire, or even chainsaw artwork. However, most of the time, leftover tree stumps are more problematic than beneficial.

Continue reading to learn the top three reasons why a tree stump should be removed, whether in a backyard or on a commercial property.

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Options for Stump Removal

There are two primary options for getting rid of old tree stumps: stump removal and stump grinding. Stump removal involves removing the entire stump and roots from the ground. Stump grinding requires a specialized machine that chips away at the stump until it is ground-level. From there, you can use organic methods to get rid of the ground-level stump. Read our blog, “Three Methods to Tree Stump Removal” to learn them all. Some options include covering it with soil, burning it, or using chemicals to speed up the decomposing process.

The stump removal option you’ll need for your property will largely depend on the location and size of the stump, as well as, the tree service provider you choose, and the quantity of stumps you need removed. Keep in mind that stump removal will be an additional cost on top of tree removal. Prices vary depending primarily on the method of stump removal required for the job, as well as the other factors mentioned before. See our blog, “How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree Stump?” to gain a better understanding of how such jobs are priced.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

❶ Curb Appeal

If you were to take a poll asking homeowners why tree stumps should be removed, they will likely answer in regards to visual appeal. Tree stumps are not usually attractive, so most people have them removed so their property looks nicer. In other cases, stumps need to be removed for construction or landscaping renovation purposes. If they get the way of a new design or garden, they should be removed.

❷ Hazards

Aesthetics and curb appeal are not the only reasons why tree stumps should be removed. Safety is another major concern in terms of tree stumps. For instance, they can be hidden by overgrown weeds and grass, leading to tripping accidents and orthopedic injuries. Aside from tripping and falling accidents, tree stumps can also be hazardous to lawn equipment like mowers and ride on fertilizer spreaders.

❸ Property Square Footage

As mentioned, left over tree stumps should be removed if your landscaping is being prepared for construction, renovation, or redesign. Not only does this clear the path for such projects, providing a clean slate to work with, removing a tree stump creates more space, which is added square footage to your exterior property. This allows rooms for gardens, play sets, patios, decks, swimming pools, gazebos, and more.

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