What To Know Before Calling A Tree Service Company?

To make a tree service call go as smoothly as possible; please know the following before contacting your local tree removal company.

• How Many trees do you need to be removed?
• Does the tree need the stump removed?
• Roughly how tall is the tree?
• Roughly how wide is the tree?
• What kind of tree?
• Does the tree lie near a home or business?
• What side of town are you on?
o What city or suburb area are you located?
o May want to share the neighborhood but most tree service companies will not know all neighborhoods in the city.
• Be sure the tree company is licensed and insured.

All these factors will be needed to assess the type of job that is needed. For instance, if you have 100 ft walnut tree that is 4 ft wide, different equipment is needed as opposed to a 15ft pine tree. The more information that is provided the better the tree companies will be at assessing your needs.

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