Recommended Daily Maintenance for Tree Roots

Even though you can’t see them most of the time, root systems are highly active and vital components to a tree. As the nutrient-distribution systems of a tree, roots are important to tree vitality, stability, and overall tree health. Not only do they deliver food and water to all parts of a tree, they help create a steady and strong foundation that helps prevent leaning, toppling, and falling over. It is important to take good care of your property’s trees, including their root systems! You can easily achieve this with routine tree service and maintenance.

Continue reading to learn what you can do for your landscaping trees in order to protect and preserve your tree’s root systems for many more seasons to come.

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Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

How to Care for Tree Roots Every Day

To protect and preserve your tree’s root system, there are several precautions you can take. First, it is important to protect any exposed tree roots from construction or lawn equipment. Machines like lawn mowers and dozers can damage exposed roots and contribute to the decline of a tree.

You can also water your trees every day to ensure they are receiving optimal levels of hydration and nutrition. However, do not over water your trees; too much water can be just as damaging to a tree as not enough water. Aim for 2 inches of moist soil depth. To test the soil, insert your trowel 2 inches into the ground to form a small trench, and then stick your finger inside to feel for moisture. If it is dry, the tree needs more water; if it is still moist, you can wait to re-test the next day.

Another important part of caring for your trees is to perform regular inspections. Every day, check on the condition and quality of your tree. Take into consideration changes in appearance, growth rates, pest activity, and surrounding environmental factors or influences. When you catch a problem early on, it is much easier to treat and resolve.

A fundamental part of caring for your trees and their root systems is to mulch. Mulching does a lot to protect and preserve a tree. It retains moisture, shields against overexposure to sun and heat, protects against damage and compaction, and even adds beneficial organic matter to the soil. The rule of thumb when it comes to proper mulching is to keep layers between 2 and 4 inches deep, and at least 6 inches from the base of the trunk.

Once a Year

There are some important tasks to implement once or twice a year for your landscaping trees. One important task is to hire professional Noblesville Tree Service for an annual or biannual inspections and routine service, such as trimming, fertilizing, and more.

Another task that you can accomplish on your own is to use a hand cultivator around the base of your tree to loosen up the soil. Not only does this alleviate some compaction, it improves air and water absorption. Be very careful, and loosen only the top few inches of soil.

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Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

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Using Pine Resin to Make Salves

Pine trees produce resin for the purpose of defense. Resin acts as a protective agent to seal exterior tree wounds. This creates a barrier that protects the wound from bacterial infections, fungal infections, and pest infestations. Pine resin is a wonderful built-in protector for pine trees, making it no surprise that it renders several additional benefits too, but not for trees; for us!

Lotion, ointments, creams, balms, and more, can all be made using the resin produced from the pine trees in our own backyards. Pine resin is an oleoresin, meaning it contains oil. This makes it softer and easier to manipulate. You might be thinking that resin is too messy to work with, but as an oil-soluble and alcohol-soluble mastic, it can be easily removed from fingers and clothes with either oil or alcohol. This attribute is what makes pine resin the perfect ingredient to an oil-based salve.

Continue reading to learn how to make pine resin salve, including what you’ll need and where to get started!

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Gather Your Supplies:

Double Boiler
Pine Resin
Natural Oil of Choice
Grated Beeswax
Coffee Filter or Fine Mesh Strainer
Metal Tins or Glass Jars

Special Notes:

When choosing an oil to use for your salve, you can go with almost any natural or organic product, including olive, almond, coconut, plantain, Calendula, comfrey, or even yarrow. The latter choices contain antimicrobial herbs that are great for healing if you are making a lotion or lip balm!

You have the option of using a fine mesh strainer for the last portion of the process, but keep in mind that you will need to scrub it well when you are done. If you want to cut out some cleaning, just use coffee filters to strain your concoction.

Large pieces of pine resin will take a lot longer to melt. To avoid this problem, freeze your resin in a plastic baggie first, and then hit it with a hammer to form crumbles and smaller pieces. These will melt much quicker, saving you both time and frustration.

Now Just Get Started:

Pour oil into your double boiler and bring it to a simmer.

Add your pine resin. Cook on low heat until the resin is fully melted.

Strain the mixture, either through a fine mesh metal strainer or coffee filter.

Return the mixture to the double boiler. Add your grated beeswax. You may need to grate the beeswax yourself. Just use a regular cheese grater.

Cook on low heat until the mixture is fully melted.

Pour the mixture into individual metal tins or glass jars. Store them in a cool, dry place for best results.

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Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

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