Popular Species of Evergreen Trees Found in Indiana

There are several species of evergreen trees found in our wonderful state of Indiana. Three of the most popular and well-known species include the White Pine, the Hemlock, and the Eastern Red Cedar. Evergreen trees are also referred to as conifer trees, never lose their leaves. They remain full of foliage that doesn’t fade or change in color. They are “always green” as their binomial name, sempervirens, suggests. Although most conifer trees are evergreens, there are a few exceptions. For example, the Larch tree is a conifer, but not an evergreen. It is deciduous and loses its leaves in the fall. Evergreens are not always trees; they can be plants and shrubs too, like Holly and Juniper bushes.

As for Indiana, we can expect to see a broad selection of evergreens this winter, trees and shrubs alike! Continue reading to learn about a few interesting species of evergreen found across the state, and who to call for professional tree advice and information in your neighborhood.

Eastern Red Cedar

This tree is scientifically known as Juniperus Virginiana, and is found all across eastern North America, the borders of Southeastern Canada, and even down through the Gulf of Mexico and eastern Great Plains. Red Cedars are true Junipers. They are beautiful conifers that grow at a very slow rate, but into very dense, solid trees. In poor soil that lacks proper nutrients, Eastern Red Cedars will not usually grow into nothing more than a shrub; but in nutrient-rich soils, they can achieve great heights as trees with full foliage.

White Pine

Eastern White Pines, or Pinus strobus, are canopy trees that can grow as tall as one hundred feet or more. They have tiered, horizontal branches that makes them more distinctive among other evergreen species. Each year, a new row of branches grows. Its needles are have a blue-green hue to them, and grow in feathery tufts. They are found in most Indiana towns, but throughout the Northeaster parts of the United States as well.


Hemlocks, scientifically named Tsuga Canadensis, are perfectly pyramidal conifers. Their limbs grow long, sprouting branches covered in short, feathery, dark-green pine needles with silver-ish undersides. They can reach heights of 40 feet or more. They are often trimmed into hedges in residential and commercial areas.

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Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

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How to Repair Broken or Damaged Tree Bark

Tree bark can be vulnerable to all types of pests, hazards, environmental threats, vandalism, and more. Things like lawn mowers and landscaping tools, insects, nuisance wildlife, and harsh weather can cause bark to break, peel, and fall off. This is bad for the tree because the bark is what protects the trunk from these same kinds of damages. When tree trunks become damaged, they can get infected and cause the tree to die. The most common area that receives the brunt of damage is the tree buttress, or the part that sticks out of the ground at the base of a tree. Many people are unaware they are even harming their trees when they mow, trim, or play in this spot. In the spring and the fall, tree bark begins to loosen or slip as a result of cambium growth, so if they sustain injuries at these times, it can be truly detrimental to the tree. Continue reading to learn how to repair damaged or broken tree bark and who to call for professional assistance and advice.

Tree Bark Repair

The first step to tree bark repair is preventative maintenance. This means hand trimming weeds and grass at the base of your trees, and providing sufficient and safe pest control applications. If manual trimming sounds laborious to you, you can always lay mulch or use an herbicide to thwart grass growth around your trees. If a tree’s bark is already injured, here are some tips to help prevent further damages and failing health:

Scrapes and Scratches

If tree bark is scraped or scratched, try to wash the wound out with clean water and a mild soap. This safeguards the tree wound from threatening pathogens and reduces the likelihood for infection. Do not apply a bandage or cover on the scratch. Once thoroughly washed clean, allow the wound to dry completely in the outdoor air.

Peeling or Fallen Bark

Sometimes, you can re-attach bark that has peeled or fallen off a tree. Simply fold or find the pieces that have peeled or fallen to the ground, and use good old-fashioned duct tape to secure it back to the tree! After some time, the bark will grow back into the tree. The fallen bark must match the spot perfectly though, and this process must be done quickly before the bark dies. Trees transfer nutrients in the bark in only one direction, which is why it is important for it to be positioned correctly.

Fallen Bark that Cannot Be Re-Attached

When bark cannot be matched and reattached, another method of protection is necessary. For sections of a tree trunk that is missing bark, it is important to clean the spot with plain soap and clean water; and then use a knife to cut out jagged edges and make a clean slate for the spot to replenish and grow back. Be sure to not cut too deep, otherwise you may cause more damage to the tree.

Consult a professional tree care specialist for accurate and reliable advice and service regarding tree protection, tree removal, tree diseases, and more. They retain the proper tools, training, and resources to properly treat, service, or remove trees from residential or commercial landscapes.

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Noblesville Tree Pruning 317-537-9770

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