How to Repair Tree Bark Damages

Tree bark is particularly venerable and can suffer damages in a variety of ways; from elemental conditions to vandalism, and more. Even typical home landscaping can affect trees; such as lawnmowers, weed trimmers, and more. Tree bark is more vulnerable in the early spring and fall months because during this time, tree bark is looser from plant tissue growth. Fortunately, there are several ways to repair and protect your tree’s bark all year long. Continue reading to learn how to repair tree bark damages, as well as, suggestions for on-going tree care and protection.

Tree Wounds

Once a tree is wounded, it will attempt to protect itself from potential pathogens that might invade the affected area. Not only will these impending microorganisms raid the injured tree bark, they can also infiltrate healthy tree tissue as well. This can create a larger problem, fungus growth, and possibly jeopardize the tree’s life altogether. Fortunately, it is possible to counteract a microbial invasion such as this. If any of your trees have damaged bark, it is advised to look into these repair ideas to save and protect your landscaping:

Scratched Bark

If you have a tree whose bark has been scratched you can use a homemade soap and water mixture to gently clean out the tree wounds. Things like harsh weather conditions, animals, car wrecks, and natural wear and tear can cause bark scratches and similar open wounds. It is important to act fast, and clean the wounds out with a mild soap solution before bacteria can begin to develop. Once you have washed the wound, gently rinse it with clean warm water. Be sure the soap residue is entirely rinsed away. One mistake people make is placing a seal on the wound once it is washed, like a bandage; but this is not helpful.

Instead, let the bark dry openly so that the natural healing process can begin. Continue to check on the wound every few days, and re-clean the injury for optimal healing. The healthier a tree is, the more likely it is to heal and recover.

Lost or Fallen Bark

If you can see areas of your tree that have been stripped of bark, you can try looking for the lost pieces that may have fallen off and re-attach them. Use a duct tape or alternatively safe adhesive to hold the bark piece against the tree wound. Make the bark pieces fit like a puzzle; placing them in sections you believe they fit best and belong. For this approach to be effective, it must be done while the bark is still alive; so right away. After a few months, remove the tape and the bark should have begun to grow back in place by then.

Tree Service in Noblesville, Indiana

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Fast and Effective Leaf Removal for Homeowners

Now that fall is certainly upon us, and winter is fast-approaching, our yards are covered with layers of crispy leaves in hues of red, burnt orange, kind yellow, and green, that continue to remind us of the work that inevitably lies ahead. While most of us admire this time of year, the work that is involved with leaf removal can be off-putting. Fortunately, dedicated homeowners and professional lawn care specialists have discovered and developed ideas for effective methods that can ultimately eliminate the intimidation and stress surrounding leaf removal. Continue reading to learn about some ideas for fast and effective leaf removal and lawn care.

Residential Leaf Removal Tips

Raking and leaf blowing can be an easy job for people who own smaller properties; but for those of us with large front and backyards, the amount of fallen leaves can be quite overwhelming. By hand, raking a large yard of leaves can cause back and neck strain, and take up to eight hours or more. While leaf blowing may seem easier for a job such as this, it can still be time-consuming and strenuous on the body. So how can you alleviate some of the stress involved with leaf removal and seasonal lawn care? The answer is simple; just check out the list below for common tips and advice for fast leaf removal and lawn care:

1. Continue mowing until it begins snowing regularly. The more you mow, the more the leaves are shredded and mulched with your grass clippings. Once the grass seizes to grow, then you can focus more on the fallen leaves and branches.

2. Do not wait too long to begin removing leaves. It is much easier to rake-as-you-go to remove leaves little by little, rather than waiting to do the job all at once. You will end up with an overwhelming amount of leaves and a much heavier work load. It makes the job much lighter, shorter, and easier to manage leaves little by little.

3. Use a leaf blower for dry leaves; then use a rake for wet leaves. This makes the job much easier to handle. Electric blowers are recommended over gas-powered ones.

4. Take advantage of neighborhood leaf pick-up services; or choose to shred your leaves in an electric leaf shredder. These are available at most home improvement, appliance and hardware stores.

5. Outsource help. Hire neighborhood gets or ask your children to give you a hand with all the raking and blowing. Kids love playing in leaves and the exercise is good for them.

6. Hire a local landscaping or lawn care company to do the work for you. Many companies offer seasonal coupons and specials, or discounts and flat-rate prices. They retain all the equipment and man-power necessary to remove all the leaves in your yard in as little as a few hours. This saves you time and effort. It can also save you money from having to purchase a leaf blower and shredder.

Leaf Removal in Noblesville, Indiana

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