What is Tree Spraying and Do My Trees Need It?

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Tree spraying is a common preventative tree care practice that involves chemical and fungal applications to keep nuisance, damaging pests away. It is a very important part of your tree care routine, especially if you live near wooded or forested areas, or near a large body of water. Insects like beetles, spiders, mites, and more are common threats to both deciduous and evergreen trees, so tree spraying is a method that can help protect trees and withstand the surrounding nuisance insect threats all year long.

Not all trees will require spraying; it is important to discuss your individual tree care needs with a licensed tree service contractor who can give you professional recommendations for your unique landscape.

Trees Stay Green All Season

Tree spraying is a holistic tree care technique that will maintain healthy, strong, and resilient trees through the entire active season. This means greener, fuller canopies and higher-quality fruits and nuts. It is performed in the early spring, and consists of at least two or more applications throughout the year. Most often, tree spraying is not necessary for regular residential properties, but it is a common practice for commercial landscapes, as well as, farms, vineyards, orchards, and more.

Common Benefits of Tree Spraying

As mentioned, tree spraying protects trees from nuisance pests, keeping them healthy and lush all season. But there are a few more advantages of spraying trees. It also wards of tree diseases like fungi, bacteria, and other infections. It also helps control the spread of these diseases.

Here are some more benefits of tree spraying:

⚟ Mite and Pest Prevention
⚟ Scale Control
⚟ Apple Scab, Diplodia, and Leaf Rust Control
⚟ Leaf Chewing, Sucking, and Leaf Mining Insect Control

Noblesville Tree Care

Tree Service Noblesville 317-537-9770

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

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Protect Your Trees Against These 5 Common Pests

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Your landscaping is something you have worked very hard to create. Hours of though and consideration coupled with the endless hours of physical effort to implement your tree and lawn care plan go out the window once your trees are infested or diseased. This is not only devastating to your trees, it is devastating to you as well. There are many nuisance animals and pests that can damage trees, but there are 5 pests in particular that have exponentially become a problem for landscapes over the years. Get to know these 5 pests below!

Tree Pests to Watch Out For:

Asian Citrus Psyllid

This tiny gray-brown insect is a threat to citrus trees, and has affected various regions all around the world. Their most common targets include orange, tangerine, lemon, and kumquat trees. While it feeds, it injects a toxin into the plant tissues, causing leaves to curl up, discolor, and even turn black. They also carry and transmit a disease called “citrus greening”, also known as “huanglongbing” (HLB). It is one of the most fatal citrus tree diseases.

Japanese Beetles

Accidently imported from Japan in a shipment of irises over 100 years ago, this beetle feeds on more than 400 plant species in the United States. Their feasting leads to skeletonized foliage. Some of their favorite targets include pin oak, linden, roses, hibiscus, grapes, raspberries, crabapples, crape myrtle, sassafras, Japanese maple, and Norway maple. Although they rarely kill trees, they can take out entire lawns and gardens.

Asian Longhorned Beetle

Similar to the Japanese beetle, this beetle was first discovered not too long ago in New York. They are highly destructive since they tunnel into trees and cut off their water and nutrient distribution systems. Mid-to-late summer and fall are prime seasons for Asian longhorned beetles. Common targets include birch, willow, horse chestnut, elm, goldenrain tree, katsura tree, and maple.

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

This highly invasive and damaging tree pest has killed thousands of Eastern and Carolina Hemlock trees in just the past decade. The most distinctive sign of hemlock wooly adelgid infestation is an accumulation of white masses at the base of needles on Hemlock trees.

Emerald Ash Borer

Imported from Asia and first discovered in Detroit 15 years ago, this bright metallic-green beetle is a devastating tree pest that targets solely ash trees. Their larva bore deep into the tree bark and feed underneath, which creates tell-tale L-shaped holes in the trunk. This activity interrupts the tree’s ability to distribute water and nutrients, which leads to crown dieback and bark splitting.

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Tree Service Noblesville 317-537-9770

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

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