The Correlation Between Seasonal Mulching and Tree Care

A common question that tree care technicians receive from homeowners is, “do I really need to mulch my trees?” And the answer is, yes! Mulch can do wonders for a tree in terms of health, protection, aesthetics, and more. You may already mulch are trees for the sake of having pretty landscaping, but you might be surprised to learn that your annual mulching routine does more than add value to your property.

Continue reading to learn three additional reasons why you should mulch or tree aside from a lovely, neat-looking yard.

Noblesville Indiana Tree Service Pros 317-537-9770
Noblesville Indiana Tree Service Pros 317-537-9770

Why Mulching is So Beneficial for Trees

Mulch Protects Against Pests and More

One of the most admired attributes of mulch is its ability to ward off certain threats, such as pests, weeds, and nuisance wildlife. But most importantly, it creates a safe zone around your trees, protecting tree roots beneath the soil as well as exposed roots above the ground. This safe zone gives you a visual of where the critical root zone for your trees are located, allowing you to safely maneuver around them while mowing the lawn or weed whacking.

Mulch Retains Moisture and Regulates Temperature

Mulch also has an incredible ability to retain soil moisture and regulates oil temperature. It retains moisture because it shields the soil from the sun, which can dry up the soil and evaporate all the water within. In turn, this reduces the need to water your trees as often and keeps trees healthy. Likewise, mulch can also regulate soil temperature by shielding it from relentless UV rays, and retaining heat during the cold winter season.

Mulch Adds Organic Matter to Soil

Because mulch adds organic matter to soil, it boosts a trees health dramatically. The better quality the soil, the healthier your tree will grow. And organic matter also helps retain water and ward off pests, which is also healthy for trees. Mulch helps facilitate this highly-important relationship.

Where to Get Noblesville Indiana Tree Service at an Affordable Price

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