Why You Should Plant a Tree in Fall and Not Spring

Do you have a bare spot in your front or backyard that is just begging for a tree? If so, right now is the perfect time of year in Indiana to plant one. If you wait until spring, you could risk a long list of potential downfalls, such as sun scorch and drought. Since trees are not cheap, you do not want to take this risk of losing out on an important investment.

Continue reading to learn why you are better off planting a new tree in fall, and who to trust for professional tree transplanting and removal services in Noblesville, Hamilton County.

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Tree Planting in Fall is Best

Newly-planted trees are delicate, just like new babies. They are fragile, and will succumb to pest infestation, wildlife tampering, drought, sun scorch, and much more, quicker than you can imagine. For this reason, it is important to plant them during milder, calmer times of the year. Spring and summer tree planting can quickly backfire as a result of high winds, rains, and temperatures, which will send a tree into a downward decline of health.

You see, tree roots grow mostly in fall, so it makes sense to plant new trees at this time of year. Furthermore, fall climates are cooler, and cooler temperatures actually aids tree roots in growth. So, planting trees in fall results in stronger, bigger, more efficient root systems, which in turn creates beautiful trees that last for decades.


Plant a tree 4 to 6 weeks before the most extreme climate conditions of the year.

Not All Trees Should Be Planted in Fall

🍂 Maples – Plant in fall.
🍂 Evergreens – Plant in fall or spring, so long as it is not too hot.
🍂 Fruit Trees – Plant in spring to avoid winter damage.

Plant these in spring because they take time to establish:

🌲 Birch Dogwood
🌲 Willow
🌲 Magnolia

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