5 Steps to Felling a Small Tree

If you have a small tree on your property that needs to be removed, be sure you fully consider all of the risks before taking on the project yourself. Continue below to learn what you will need to do to remove a small tree on your own.

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What You Will Need

Tree felling for small to moderate trees will not likely require the extensive tools and materials used for a larger-scale job. All you need are some safety goggles, work gloves, and a medium-weighted axe. For hardwoods, like oak, go with a rounded axe; for softer woods, like birch or pine, use a wedge axe. Additionally, it would be wise to equip yourself with steel-toed boots and long pants.

How to Fell a Small Tree in 5 Steps

Before getting started, check your town’s rules and regulations governing tree felling. Some cities do not allow do-it-yourself tree removal under certain scopes and conditions. Also, be sure to have a plan to reuse the wood in some way; trees are one of the most valuable and important elements on the planet!

Step 1

Examine the tree to decide which way it will fall. If the wind is strong from one side, or the tree is leaning, go with that direction. If the tree is along a slope, it should fall downhill. If there are no factors to help your decision, choose a direction that is clear of all other obstacles and allows you to have a safe distance.

Step 2

Make your first cut. Ensuring that the radius of the tree is not in the way of your gear, use your axe to cut a “V-shaped” notch in the tree, about waist-high, on the side that it will fall. Make your notch about 1/3rd of the way into the trunk.

Step 3

Go to the opposite side of the tree and make another notch, about 1 foot above the other one. Just like your other notch, make it about 1/3rd of the way into the trunk. Now you are ready to close the gap between the two notches!

Step 4

The tree is ready to fall. Being very careful, and having an escape routine in mind, take a few moderate swings to the first notch. As the tree begins to fall, get out of the way quickly, watching out for breaking branches and limbs; and don’t forget to yell, “TIMBER!”

Step 5

Use your axe, or a saw if you have it, to cut off the major limbs of the tree. Toss the foliage and twig scrap into a designated yard work receptacle. Then cut the trunk of the tree into 1 to 2 foot segments, and put store them all away for fire pit and fireplace usage!

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