Tips for Preventing Tree Problems

We don’t generally give our landscaping trees any attention until they start to give us problems. Trees are important to our properties because they increase property value, appeal, and energy efficiency, as well as, provide outdoor comfort, convenience, and functionality. For this reason, it is important to take care of your landscaping trees in order to prevent problems, hazards, and more. Continue reading to learn how you can prevent tree problems on your property, and what to do if you believe your trees are suffering from pests, disease, or malnutrition.

Routine Tree Care

The only proper tree care is routine tree care. Landscaping trees must be tended to on a regular basis to prevent a wide range of potential tree complications, including insects, nuisance wildlife, tree diseases, blights, undernourishment, and much more. Fortunately, routine tree care is easy to do so long as you choose the proper tree service company in your area. However, there are several things you can do on your own for your trees too. Let’s start with do-it-yourself tree care tips!

DIY Tree Care

One of the most important and effective favors you can do for your landscaping trees is to mulch them every year. Mulch provides several benefits for trees, so be sure to check out our blog about mulching tips for tree care to learn what mulch can do for your trees. Another important part of do-it-yourself tree care is routine watering.

Mature trees generally do not require watering other than the natural rain course. However, if your landscaping trees are young or newly-planted, it is important to follow a strict watering schedule to keep them hydrated. Talk to your tree service technician to learn the proper watering schedule for your newly-planted or young trees.

Not all parts of do-it-yourself tree care include “doing” something. Sometimes, in order to take good care of your trees, you must NOT do certain things. Preventative tree cares just as important as routine tree care, such as protecting tree bark from excess moisture or damage and paying close attention when using a lawnmower or weed whacker near tree roots.

Professional Tree Care

Choose a tree service company that has experienced field. Hands-on experience is what separates reliable tree care technicians from and reliable ones. Of course, you want to also look for licensing and customer reviews to gain a better understanding of their work ethic and credentials. Professional tree specialists retain the proper equipment to provide routine tree care such as tree trimming, pruning, stump grinding, fertilizing, and more. Ask your tree specialist to customize a plan that is unique to your landscaping tree needs.

Noblesville Tree Service

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