Is My Tree Getting Too Much Sun?

Although trees require sunlight for process of photosynthesis to take place, it is possible for a tree to receive too much sunlight, especially if they are newly planted or young. As a result, trees can experience a long list of negative health implications, including foliage loss and discoloration, leaf scorch, and more. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect trees from excessive sun exposure, all of which are go-to methods for both commercial and residential properties.

Continue reading to learn the top 4 tips and tricks for reducing the amount of sun and heat your landscaping trees are exposed to in the summer.

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Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

The General Rule of Green Thumb

First and foremost, be sure you are planting full-sun plants and trees in areas of your yard that are in full sun all day long, or at least 8 hours. In areas of your yard that are full sun, you do not want to plant partial-sun or partial-shade tree species, otherwise, you are putting them at a very high risk of sun overexposure.

If you have trees planted in areas of your yard that get too much sun exposure, rather than transplanting them, which can subject your trees to transplant shock and more, try implementing these 4 trusted methods instead:

❶ Install Floating Rows

Floating row covers are lightweight cloth tarps that hang over a tree to provide a blanket of shade. This method works best for young or newly planted trees under 3 feet tall. As an alternative, you can purchase cotton or burlap tarps and drape them over your tree during the hottest parts of the afternoon.

❷ Incorporate Shady Plants

You can plant bushy, tall plants around your tree to provide extra shade. As these plants grow throughout the season, they will cast a larger shadow around your tree. Consider ornamental grasses that grow tall and plentiful. Just be sure they are a full-sun species!

❸ Create a Proper Mulch Bed

A proper mulch application goes a long way when it comes to protecting landscaping trees. It keeps the soil cool and moist, which allows the tree to retain more water, and therefore, combat excessive sun. Regardless of age, species, or location, all planted trees should have a proper mulch bed around their base. See our blog, “Mulching Tips for Tree Care” to learn the recommended guidelines.


Water your trees more than you would normally water them so that the soil does not dry out. Trees should get five gallons of water per inch of their trunk’s diameter, over an extended period of time. Do not water during the hottest part of the day because a large percentage will just evaporate in the heat. Instead, water in the early morning or in the evening.

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