The Importance of Hiring an Arborist for Tree Care

A professional arborist is one who specializes in tree care. Their companies and crews are qualified to provide a wide range of tree services for residential and commercial landscapes. They retain comprehensive knowledge on trees and how to care for them, as well as, proper tools and training to care for trees. Hiring an arborist is an important decision that should be well-thought out for the sake of your landscaping value. Tree care is a long-term investment that can increase the value of properties and provide additional benefits like shade and privacy. For this reason, choosing a qualified arborist is a significant part of the tree care process.

Poorly Treated Trees

Tree care is also important to prevent tree hazards and tree disease. Poorly treated trees can cause pest infestation, weak or rotting bark, fallen branches, tree diseases, and more. This can be a substantial liability for property owners since dead or dying trees are both dangerous to people and structures.

Tree Work

Whether trees are healthy or not, the process of removing and treating trees can be a dangerous job for anyone not properly trained and equipped. This is especially true for large trees. It is vital that all tree work be carried out by a licensed and experienced arborist who knows how to safely undertake tree projects of all sizes and circumstances.

Professional arborists and tree care companies provide a general range of services for residential and commercial landscape properties. These services include:

• Tree Removal
• Dead Tree Removal
• Stump Grinding
• Stump Removal
• Tree Pruning
• Tree Trimming
• Tree Disease Treatment
• Tree Fertilization
• Tree Transplanting
• Lot Clearing
• Storm Damage Clearance

Noblesville Tree Care

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For qualified tree care in Noblesville, call 317-537-9770 today. We offer a wide range of tree services for residential and commercial properties all throughout Noblesville, IN and its surrounding areas. Whether you require tree health care services, or need a dead tree removed, we are the professionals to trust for skilled and efficient tree service. Call 317-537-9770 for prompt and professional tree care and tree service in Noblesville, IN.

DIY Tree Care Tips

Every homeowner should take more time to care for the trees on their property. Proper tree care is one of the best ways to maintain a beautiful, and safe, landscape. There are several ways to care for a tree, whether organically, or with the help of store-bought fertilizers and root boosters. Either way, so long as your trees are being cared for regularly, they should remain in good shape. Continue reading to learn some easy do-it-yourself tips for residential tree care.


One of the easiest chores for tree care is pulling weeds. Although tedious, it is greatly advantageous. If you are not interested or capable of physical labor, take note that this is a great job for young children or adolescents seeking some allowance or compensation for spring and summer! All you have to do is periodically check around the base of your trees for weeds, and pull them up. Pull any weeds that are within five feet of the tree base. Weeds can obstruct tree growth in a variety of ways, but mostly by hogging up all the water supply. This is especially important for newly planted trees.

Tree Pruning

When you are pruning your tree, never over prune! This can kill the tree, or make it look very unpleasing. It is recommended to remove only a small percentage of the live parts of the tree at one time. Around twenty five percent of the tree crown should be pruned annually. Cut the branch at a diagonal, in the same direction the tree bud is growing; cut right above the bud. Weak or declining trees will require less pruning or none at all. When it comes to removing dead trees, use a professional tree care company for safety and accuracy.

Immediately Cut Low Hanging Branches

Branches that hand over sidewalks, fences, and neighboring yards can be hazardous. If harsh weather or tree complications cause branches to fall, it can potential hurt someone or something. Hundreds of structural damages from fallen tree branches and limbs are reported every year; as well as, injury cases. Be sure to not let any of your trees be a liability. Trim any low hanging limbs and branches before it becomes a legal issue!

Wrap Tree Trunks in Fall

Wrap the trunks of young or newly-planted trees in the fall to better protect them from winter elements. Use store-bought wrapping strips and apply them to the trunks of trees by winding them upwards like the stripes on a candy cane. You can find several different types of trunk wraps at your local gardening store. They are inexpensive and easy to install, making it a perfect DIY task for the thrifty homeowner!

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Call 317-537-9770 for tree service in Noblesville, Indiana. When your landscaping trees need more than some light maintenance, you need the help of a qualified and experienced professional. We are highly trained arborists that offer residential and commercial tree work. We offer tree removal, tree trimming, pruning, tree topping, transplanting, tree disease treatment, lot clearing, and much more, all at the most competitive prices in town. For superior Noblesville tree care you can trust, call 317-537-9770 today.

More Poisonous Plants and Flora in the United States – Part II

Last week we discussed some well-known plants and shrubberies that are surprisingly very poisonous, and in some cases, deadly. This week, we will reveal even more plants, flowers, trees, and vegetation that are also toxic and potentially fatal. Be aware that plants, trees, and flowers may seem harmless but render serious health risks. Always be on your toes when experimenting with a foreign or unknown plant, and do ample research about its qualities, best practices, and more. Continue reading to expand your knowledge on some more poisonous and toxic vegetation in our country.

In Your Garden

A popular flower called the Iris is not a good candidate for consumption. If the underground stems and roots are
eaten, it will cause severe digestive pains and complications. Although not serious or fatal, it is very unpleasant experience that should be avoided at all costs. Another common garden plant that can cause health impediments is called Lily of the Valley. This quaint little white bouquet of flowers are stunning, but the leaves and flowers are poisonous. It causes irregular pulse, mental confusion, and digestive distress. These symptoms can last a few hours or a few days, depending on the amount consumed. Additional garden-variety toxic plants and flowers include Foxgloves, Larkspur, Bleeding Hearts, Monkshoods, and Castor beans. Many of these are fatal so avoid adding them to your lunchtime garden salad.

Here is a list of more Toxic Vegetation to Look Out For:

Daphne – The berries are so extremely toxic that only a few can kill a child. These are fatal to both humans and pets, so beware!

Azaleas – All parts of this plant are fatal. Consumption can result in severe vomiting, nausea, breathing complications, prostration, depression, and then death. All of this applies to Rhododendron and Laurels as well.

Jasmine – The scent is relaxing and pleasurable, but the consequences of consuming the berries of Jasmine can result in death. Digestive complications and nervous system failure are common initial symptoms before death occurs.

Red Sage – Also called Lantana Camara, is another fatal plant. If its green berries are eaten, the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other vital organs and systems begin to fail. This results in death.

Buttercups – A popular childhood favorite with a sweet treat at just the right time of year, Buttercups are not fatal, but their juices can cause damage to the digestive system.

Nightshade – This common field plant is fatal if consumed. All parts of the Nightshade plant, including the un-ripened berries, can cause intense digestive irritation, nervous system complications, and eventual death.

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If you have questions about poisonous or toxic trees on your property, call our professional tree service company in Noblesville, Indiana. We are highly trained and qualified arborists with decades of experience in the tree service industry. We provide a wide range of tree services for both residential and commercial properties; such as tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding, tree transplanting, tree disease treatment, trimming, pruning, shaping, and more! We also offer tree service coupons! Call 317-537-9770 for fast and reputable tree removal in Noblesville, IN.