What Influences the Cost of Tree Removal?

Tree removal is a very necessary service in many circumstances. For home and property owners, it is crucial that trees surrounding a building, or other structures, are safe and non-hazardous to their surrounding environment. In the case that a tree needs removed or cut down, it is helpful to know the estimated cost of the particular service. Continue reading to learn some factors that commonly influence the cost of tree removal services for residential and commercial property owners.

When to Call a Tree Service Company

The first step to safe landscaping is to know when a large tree should be removed from a property. There are several signs that suggest a tree is ready for removal. If a tree on your property falls into any of the below categories, then it is time to call a professional tree service company. Tree removal is needed if a tree is:

• Causing Structural Damage to a Home or Property
• Dead or Dying
• Causing Safety or Navigational Hazards
• Diseased

These signs and more are all common reasons property owners call tree service companies. Removing a dangerous or hazardous tree is very important. No one wants to see a tree fall on a car, or worse, a person, during a harsh storm or windy day; or from a weak trunk. When it comes to removing a tree, there are several other factors that impact the price of the service. Let’s discuss this now.

Cost of Tree Removal

When a tree needs to be removed, a company will first assess the situation and circumstances surrounding the tree and its ailments. For regular tree removal, the job is very routine; however, if a tree is dead or dying, more caution and work is needed to safely carry out the job. Here is a list of circumstances and factors that can affect the price of tree removal service for residential and commercial property owners:

1. Size of the Tree- If the tree is very large it will take more man power, time, and machinery to complete the job. This means a higher cost because the overhead of the job increases.

2. Location of the Tree- Depending on where the tree is located will determine the degree of difficulty for removal. For example, if a tree is located near utility wires or other obstacles, it will cost more for the total labor. If the tree is located near a busy road, this increases the time and effort it will take for removal. Also, if the removal job might impact a neighboring property, this could increase the final cost as well.

3. Health Status- If a tree is diseased, dead, or dying, there are more precautions to consider when it comes to removal. This is because of the danger and skill involved in the removal process. A dead or diseased tree can be quite unpredictable when it comes to cutting it down and removing it. It requires more man power, preparation, and planning to remove an ill or dead tree.

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