Three Methods to Tree Stump Removal

Old tree stumps can be an eyesore for any property, making stump removal a commonly sought out service. Fortunately, there are various ways to remove a tree stump. Continue reading to learn a few approaches to stump removal and where you can go for more information about tree and stump services.

Organic Tree Stump Removal

One of the most natural approaches to tree stump removal is using a load of soil to cover the stump entirely. Overtime, the stump will naturally decay and rot away. Although this method takes months, and even years to complete, it is an organic option that many property owners choose for effortless stump removal.

Chemical Burning

A quicker method for tree stump removal involves a chemical solution, made with potassium nitrate. This solution breaks down the stump at a faster pace because of the high concentration of nitrogen. Nitrogen is known to speed up decomposition processes. There are a few different types of chemical stump remover on the market, but most of them contain potassium nitrate and nitrogen as active ingredients. These chemicals typically come in powder or pellet form. The granules are easier to apply and control compared to liquid solutions. Liquids are known to evaporate quickly, leaving the disintegration process incomplete. When using chemical stump removers, it is important to facilitate the project correctly. There are various steps involved, including drilling holes and more. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you intend to use chemical stump killers. Although this approach is not categorized as “environmentally friendly”, it is the quickest way to remove stumps from residential and commercial properties.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding, after natural decay, is the most effective and environmentally safe way to get rid of tree stumps. Stump grinding is not an amateur task; it involves specialized equipment, tools, and training. It is important to hire a professional tree care company to facilitate stump removal jobs. Although this option requires a property owner to spend a few more dollars, the results are much quicker and well worth it!

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