Learn About the Most Common Cause for Tree Decline

Root damage tops the charts as one of the leading causes of tree illness and death. When a root system is jeopardized in any way, the entire tree as a whole is negatively affected. Many factors can contribute to root problems, and many circumstances can lead to root damage.

Continue reading to learn how to protect yours landscaping trees from root system complications, and where to start if you need a sick tree removed from your property.

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

If a root system is in trouble, the outcome can be quite dangerous. Roots are a tree’s foundation that anchor it to the ground. Without a strong and stable root system, a tree cannot hold itself up. A flawed root system can eventually cause a tree to topple over. This scenario can cause serious structural damage to homes, buildings, cars, and other outdoor structures, but more importantly, it can seriously injure people and pets.

How to Stop Root Problems in Trees

If you suspect that your trees are suffering from a root problem, it is important to contact a local tree service for professional assessment and diagnoses. Common signs of a root problem include exposed dead roots, broken roots, fungal growth at the base of the trunk, visible leaning, foliage loss, premature foliage drop-off, leaf browning or curling, canopy dieback, fallen twigs and branches, dry or peeling bark, and pest infestations.

When it comes to protecting your trees from instability and decline, identifying a root issue is only part of the process. It is also important, and necessary, to provide your landscaping trees with the proper routine maintenance they need to thrive for generations.

Some Recommended Routine Tree Services Include:

Tree Trimming
Tree Pruning
Tree Fertilization
Tree Protection
Tree Spraying (Pest Control)
Wildlife Proofing

But Wait, There’s More…

In addition to routine tree service, you also need to take certain precaution to protect your trees’ root systems from damage. Construction is a common cause of tree root damage, especially excavation, trenching, adding fill, demolition, grading, soil compaction, and paving. Environmental factor can also contribute to root issues, such as flooding, drought, inclement weather, fungal decay, wildlife tampering, and pest infestations.

If a tree’s root system is damaged beyond repair, there is not chance for survival. In most cases, a tree with a defective root system will need to be removed for safety reasons. Also, sick and dying trees attract pests, and present a wide range of hazards to the surrounding environment. It is best to have your trees inspected by a professional Noblesville tree service company to ensure they are healthy, safe, and thriving.

How to Remove a Sick Tree

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

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