Is Tree Fertilization Necessary?

No matter how obvious it may be, it is important to reiterate the fact that trees need water to survive. This means if a drought comes to town, it is up to us to protect our beloved flora and tree landscaping from dehydration and death. If it is not raining enough during any season, watering our trees is a vital precaution to saving them from a lack of water and nutrients. As far as tree fertilization goes, it is not as simple. Continue reading to learn more!

Fertilizing Trees

Trees that are already planted and rooted in the ground do not require further fertilization. Fertilizing trees is generally done during the planting process. In fact, fertilization has always been a trademark step to planting a tree; but maybe not any more. Recent studies proved that fertilizing a newly-planted tree does not render enough positive strengths to be considered a worth-while undertaking. In fact, the only thing it concretely proved was making the process of planting trees more expensive!

You see, the soil in the Earth’s ground retains an abundant amount of nutrients that trees need to grow and yield crop. Fertilizing a tree only adds more nutrients, which is really not needed because the soil has enough already. You wouldn’t show up to a birthday party with an extra cake, would you? Although it doesn’t hurt to have extra, it really isn’t necessary. At times, actually, it can be detrimental; tree fertilization that is. Too much tree food can lead to tree diseases, or dying and dead trees. Also, when it rains, excess tree fertilizer can be swept into local rivers and ponds, polluting our town’s water. It is best to consult a professional Noblesville Tree Service technician for accurate industry advice and information you can trust.

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