Your Springtime Tree Care Checklist

Not only is tree care in the springtime is important because it helps landscaping trees grow strong and bountiful, it also prepares them for the upcoming summer conditions, such as intense heat, dry spells, pest infestations, and wildlife tampering. Not sure where to start this spring in terms of caring for your own trees? No problem! Just continue below for a basic springtime tree care checklist you can refer back to year after year!

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Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Basic Tree Care for Spring

Trees need adequate watering, mulching, fertilizing, and additional services in order to be healthy and live a long time. Many of these same necessities are a part of the recommended fall and winter tree care list too. As for spring, it’s the last chance you have to plant or transplant new trees, safely and securely. You see, planting trees in the early spring places less stress on the tree, since most pests are still hiding and temperatures are still on the mild side. However, keep in mind that newly-planted or young trees are typically more susceptible to climate changes, and therefore, should be monitored closely throughout the spring.


As for watering, stop giving your trees water at the start of rainy season. The annual precipitation is plenty for mature trees. But for newly-planted, young, or sick trees, you will need to continue watering them deeply, every few days. Check the soil for moisture to determine whether or not they need more watering.


Fertilizing is an important part of annual tree care as well. Trees lose vital nutrients in their soil throughout the changing seasons, so by spring, it is vital to replenish those nutrients with tree fertilization and similar treatments. For instance, choose a slow-release fertilizer that will supply the tree with nutrients all winter long and improve its endurance against disease and damage.


Mulching is another service suggested for spring. Not only does is lock in moisture that a tree can use all spring and summer, it also provides weed control and retains organic matter in the soil that is vital for the tree. All young trees must be mulched for spring and summer climate control.


Pruning is the final to-do for spring tree care. It is important to prune trees before late spring or summer, while they are still mostly dormant. Furthermore, it is important to trim trees before they can grow too much and become a home insurance liability or hazard. The best time to prune trees in the spring is right before they grow all their leaves.

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