Best Ice-Resistant Tree Species for Indiana Landscapes

Here in Indiana, winter can be a drag. Not just because the season is so cold that we must bundle up in several layers just to stay warm; and not because the roads are covered in layers of slushy snow and ice; but because it can be highly destructive to our surrounding landscapes, namely our trees. In turn, damage to trees can create highly hazardous conditions for houses, cars, power lines, and more. If you are a property owner who cares about both structural and aesthetic quality of your landscaping, you might want to consider planting some ice resistant tree species next spring or fall.

Continue reading for some top suggestions on the most successful and attractive ice-resistant tree species for Indiana landscapes.

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Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Ice-Resistant Trees

Ice-resistant tree species are those that are genetically and structurally capable of withstanding the harsh effects of heavy ice and snow accumulation on branches and limbs. Basically, ice-resistant trees are less prone to snapping and breakage as a result of ice storm damage or excessive winter precipitation.

Broad-leafed tree species are especially prone to winter ice storm damage because they tend to develop wide crowns, also known as decurrent branching, which increases their vulnerability to ice damage. Such tree species include the Silver Maple, Black Cherry, Bradford Pear, Pin Oak, American elm, Siberian elm, Green Ash, Honey Locust, Black Locust, and the Common Hackberry.

In contrast, the most ice-resistant tree species for Indiana include:

❧ Arborvitae
❧ American Sweetgum
❧ Black Walnut
❧ Blue Beech
❧ Catalpa
❧ Eastern Hemlock
❧ Gingko
❧ Ironwood
❧ Silver Linden
❧ Little Leaf Linden
❧ Norway Maple
❧ Swamp White Oak

You might also consider some semi-resistant species, such as:

❧ White Oak
❧ Bir Oak
❧ Eastern White Pine
❧ Red Maple
❧ Northern Red Oak
❧ Sugar Maple
❧ Sycamore
❧ Tulip Tree
❧ White Ash

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Winter Tree Care Reminders You Need to Know

Trees in Indiana have evolved to endure the changing seasons. But that does not mean we cannot help them maintain their strength and resilience with a little added care. Be sure your trees are protected this winter by staying on top of all your seasonal tree care duties.

Continue reading to learn the top three most important things you can do for your trees this winter.

Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

Winter Tree Service 317-537-9770

Tree Pruning

Most deciduous trees are dormant in the winter. This is a great opportunity to trim and prune tree branches. It is a fantastic way to ensure beautiful and abundant springtime leaves and blossoms. Professionals recommend pruning trees until the first snow fall. This can vastly improve a tree’s ability to produce great quantities of flowers and blooms; as well as, grow better tasting fruits and nuts. Fall and winter tree pruning can certainly procure numerous admirable benefits come springtime.

Heavy Snow Removal

Heavy snowfalls can cause stress to dormant trees. This combination of weight and moisture can weaken tree branches; causing them to crack, break, or fall. This can be a huge hazard if there are trees located near parked cars, playgrounds, and other areas frequently occupied by people. It is important to regularly shake snow off of the branches to prevent accidents and broken tree limbs.

Be sure to use something non-destructive to remove snow from tree branches. In the wintertime, they are much more vulnerable. Try using a soft bristled broom or mop to gently sweep and lift snow away from small or weak branches. You can also use a stick to lightly tap the trunk of the tree to loosen snow from the limbs.

Water and Nourishment Provision

During the winter, the ground around trees can freeze. This implicated the tree root’s ability to take in nourishment or water of any kind. As a homeowner, one remedy for this situation is to take action on a warmer day. Wait for a day when the wind chill and temperature are above freezing, and water the base of your trees.

Be sure the base of your trees is clear of leaves and other dense debris. These natural obstructions can prevent the ground from absorbing the water you provide. This and more are all beneficial ways to help sustain the health and appearance of the trees on your property.

Winter Tree Service in Noblesville

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Noblesville Tree Service 317-537-9770

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