How to Take Care of Your Christmas Tree

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Christmas tree shopping is almost as exciting as the decoration part. The anticipation of seeing what the tree lot has available and then hunting down the perfect specimen to take home. It is important that you take very good care of it if you want your tree to last throughout the entire 12 days of Christmas, which ends on January 6th by the way! Taking good care of your Christmas tree starts before you pack up the car and leave the tree lot. It then continues until the day you decide to take it down.

🎄 Cut Off 1 Inch of the Trunk if Precut

It is best to choose a tree that has not been precut and laid out for display, however, most tree lots do it this way. In these cases, once you choose the tree you want, there is an important step to take before you have the tree lot staff wrap it and load it for you. Ask the staff to cut off an inch of the bottom of the trunk. This ensures that the tree is not sealed and capable of taking in the full amount of water and nutrients it needs to survive. Most lots will do this, and it is usually free; however, if they will not cut your trunk, you will have to do it yourself as soon as you get home.

🎄 Immediately Place Your Tree in Water

Once your car is loaded up, it is important to head straight home so that you can place your Christmas tree in water as soon as possible. This is especially urgent if the lot cut the trunk for you. Do not wait longer than 2 hours at the most to insert your tree in water. Any length of time beyond that is sure to cause the trunk fibers to seal up, thus reducing its ability to survive.

🎄 Do Not Prune Too Much

Right before placing it in water, you may need to do some minor pruning in order to get it to fit inside the tree stand. Just be sure not to prune more than 5 or 6 inches at the base of the tree. Not only can too much pruning can cause your Christmas tree to look bad, it can weaken its survival capacity.

🎄 Use the Right Tree Stand

It is important to ensure that you have the right size tree stand that will work for your tree. Stands that are not the right size are subject to tipping over or simply not standing upright at all. Furthermore, you need to have a tree stand that has at least a one gallon water reservoir. This is how much water the tree needs on a daily basis, which brings us to our last part of Christmas tree care.

🎄 Water Your Christmas Tree Every Day

A young Christmas tree will need up to one gallon of water every day. This means you will need to keep the water reservoir full at all times. Check it every morning to make sure it is full. Then be sure to check back periodically throughout the day to top off any water that has been absorbed by the tree.

Last Note: Do not place your Christmas tree near anything flammable or dangerous, including fireplaces, candles, space heaters, heat lamps, exposed bulbs, and more.

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