Why is My Conifer Tree Dying?

Over the years, you have proudly and gratefully watched your conifer tree grow, providing shade, privacy, appeal, and so much more, for your property. So now that your favorite evergreen is showing signs of trouble, it is no surprise that you are on the hunt for some answers.

Continue reading to learn why your conifer tree might be dying, and what to do about it this season.

Dead Tree Removal 317-537-9770
Dead Tree Removal 317-537-9770

Pests and Disease

Generally, the initial signs of a dying or diseased evergreen tree is needle discoloration and loss, starting from the ground and moving upwards toward the tip. As evergreen trees grow, the bottom branches and needles become a bigger target for insects and nuisance wildlife. This could be one reason why your evergreen tree is experiencing needle loss or discoloration. Pine beetles are a common conifer pest, as well as, termites. Cytospora canker disease is common among conifers.

Water Deficiency

Another reason why evergreen trees show symptoms of decline is due to a lack of water. Inadequate amounts of water will cause a conifer to dry out and drop its needles, overtime. The bottom needles do this to allow the rest of the tree some water. To resolve this problem, check the soil beneath the tree for moisture. If the soil is dry, it needs to be watered. Continue to water your tree regularly throughout the year, and be sure to mulch in the spring and summer.

Nature’s Course

Sometimes, there is nothing you can do about a dying evergreen tree. There are cases in which it is just a natural part of nature’s cycle. This could be due to some inherited defect in the tree’s genetic material, or simply a result of inclement weather or climates.

What To Do

If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, it is vital to have it assessed by a professional Noblesville tree service company to ensure it is not a safety hazard. If it is deemed a safety hazard, it is strongly encouraged to move forward with tree removal service as soon as possible.

Who to Call for Dead Tree Removal

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