Preparing Our Trees for Spring

With the increasing temperatures and daylight, we all know springtime is coming. This means we are thinking about our outdoor needs and how we plan to accomplish those before the season sets in entirely. Winter weather can damage trees and the surrounding environment. And it’s the time of year when all of these signs are apparent, so pre-spring overhaul is necessary to get your property back to normal. Trees are important assets to any property, and must be properly cared for to ensure longevity and safety. Now that spring is near, it’s time to take action and get your trees in good shape for the upcoming warm seasons. Continue reading for tips on spring tree care.

Post-Winter Cleanup

Once the snow is gone, the weather is warmer, and the sun is consistently out, you can better see the damages and downfalls winter causes the landscape. Trees are often effected by this, which can be hazardous to people and property. Now is the time to inspect your trees and the surrounding landscape to start turning your property around, and getting your landscaping back to a healthy state. Here’s what to do:

1. First look around for damage to any power lines. If you spot a fallen, leaning, or exposed power line, call the local power company immediately. Trees and properties can catch fire from exposed or defective power lines.

2. Next look at your trees. Inspect the tree’s trunk, bark, limbs, and any exposed root system. Look for peeling bark, fallen bark, rotten or spongy bark, tree wounds, odors, or any insect infestations. These are all signs of a dead or dying tree.

3. If you find a tree in any of the above conditions, check to see if it is dead or alive by snapping off a twig and cutting into the bark. If the meat inside the twig is bright or dull green, the tree is alive, if it’s brown or dark, the tree is dead. If it’s a dull green, there might be something wrong with your tree and it will require some treatment and care.

Here’s an important tip: Do Not Attempt to Use a Chainsaw to Cut Down Tree Branches or Trees. If you are not properly trained, or if you do not have any experience, this is an extremely dangerous activity. If you must use a saw, use a handsaw.

4. A dead tree must be removed because it can pose a threat to humans and properties. If it is a small tree, simply use a handsaw to cut it down. Use the V-technique for safe tree falls. Look around for obstructions before cutting down a small tree to ensure nothing will be harmed when it falls.

5. For larger trees, it is strongly encouraged to contact a licensed tree removal company for safe and efficient tree services.

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